04 June 2013

Danish Mid-Century Modern Or Modern Danish?

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In the most specific form of the term, Mid-century modern^, we are trapped into a period of around 30-40 years to choose from. Not only does it limit us in products based on a time frame, it also limits us because mass production of products were fewer in quantity than they are today. Therefore limiting access to these wonderful products and pieces.

Without a doubt, there are many designers from many countries that participated in the development of the mid-century modern style in it's heyday. One extremely famous sector of the world was Denmark. Danish modern^, considered by how much the designers were talked about, or the public's purchasing trends, proved that the Danish designers had a niche that others tried to follow.

While having success in architecture and interior design, most came to know of their furniture and home accessories and that's what would catch the eyes of the Jetset infatuated world. Everything from Danish lounge chairs* to the silverware* on the table*, from the candelabra* to the magazine rack*, from the lights* to the rugs*. All of it, had to contend with the Danes, and the Danes were ruling.

Danish design awareness, to those in the states, really picked up in the 50's and the 60's, even though Danish modern designers had subscribed to modern design even before this period. During these two specific decades though, it became common to see original Danish designer furniture, art, and accents, and kitchenware in the houses of those who could afford it. And those who could not afford it? Well, they bought likenesses, or reproductions. Clinging to the ever desirable design style, just not quite getting the originality or quality.

What's happened with Danish design today? That really is the question. As I had briefly mentioned in an earlier post. A friend of ours who lives in BonAire, which is a Danish territory, entered my house, looked at a few pieces of my furniture, and said...: You like Danish furniture, don't you? I asked why he thought so? He told me that my credenza looked like the current furniture the Danish furniture stores are selling, and that all the houses are furnished with this kind of furniture. So, I had to check it out. Well, it seems he's right.

While Modern Danish (today's Danish Modern) is progressive. It still has a feel that, in mixed company of MCM Danish modern, would likely go unnoticed. That's not to say that all Modern Danish would fit into the 50's and 60's Mid-century design period. In fact, some of what is coming from current designers, better fits the late 60's and early 70's design styling that was popular.

Even so, the Danish Mid-century design DNA has been passed down. To help illustrate this, I've put together a bit of a comparison below.

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Mid-Century Danish Modern Sofa/Coutch from

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As you can see, whether it's Mid-Century Danish modern, or Modern Danish, it's really all just mid-century in style and design principal.

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