03 June 2013

Mid-Century Artist: Atomic Skyway

Photo source: AtomicSkyway
Some time has gone by since I first thought about featuring Atomic Skyways work on this blog. Still, for one reason or another, it's just never happened. Even so, my appreciation for has not waned. From Atomic Skyways, aka Cris', first piece he placed on facebook, I have been a big fan. While, I see a continued progression in his work, every piece has had a 100% professionally finished and refined look from day one.

My first experience with Cris's/AtomicSkyways work was the day he posted the above photo on Facebook. This was back in 2011. Mid-century Sci-fi* shapes, gold flake paint, and a green pearl. How was I to pass by this one without just being amazed. His choices in shapes and in color are more than by chance. These are combinations, that come from a sophisticated designer. One that understands the limits, visual weights, and composition of good Mid-century abstract* design.

 Photo source: Atomic Skyways facebook
Thru out my time of watching Atomic Skyways, we've not really had much communication. I hope one day to be able to speak a bit more with him about his processes of design and inspirations. For the time being though, I'm just amazed at his ability. Atomic Skyways has as much the ability to build a formidable mcm inspired sculpture*, as easily as create 3d sculpture paintings. That's pretty impressive!

Atomic Skyways works are more than just copies of shapes, themes, and colors of the mid-century modern designs* left behind. He has taken all the art and design he's ever been exposed to, and boiled it down to the original principals. From this, he has created current day mid-century modern art*. So precise is his design aesthetic, that when applied to his popular Atomic Skyways ad's with photoshop, they almost look as if they belong in the mid-century period of the photo. I'd go so far as to guess, someone new to mid-century design has found his ad's and thought they were designers works from the real mid-century modern* period.

Photo source: Atomic Skyways facebook
Looking thru Atomic Skyways facebook and blog will help you see why his art is so incredible. After all, he has worked a good bit with one of the most prominent Mid-century design studios* ever. Who, you may ask? Disney*! Let's face it. Whether you like Disney* parks or not, if you're into mid-century art*, you've got to dig you some Disney art and design*.  On his blog you'll see a number of pics of these incredible sculptured park accents and floats that he's worked on. Knowing how to use all those techniques can only help his works to become even more impressive.

While looking at Atomic Skyways works, I could point out a ton of interesting and attractive aspects of his pieces. One that really draws my attention though, is that every piece is a sculpture. Mattering not whether Cris is putting together a stand alone sculpture for the end table, or a piece of wall art, they're going to be equally sculpted. To me that's pretty swing'n. So, if you've got your interest peeked, step over to his facebook and blog. Maybe, just maybe, he'll produce even more pieces if he gets more hits. That's my hope at least!

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