07 June 2013

Foureyes, Sevin Salomone And Mid-Century Plywood

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Note: All photos featured in this post are property of Seviin Salomone and Foureyes Furniture. 

If you stay around Amidst Mod long enough, you find out quickly, that my FAVORITE material in the world is plywood. I'm not going to go into why in this post, but I can say without a doubt, that to me plywood furniture and design is the epitome of mid-century modern. So I'm constantly looking for new and refreshing plywood designers who share an interest in plywood working.

I don't just rely on them though. Many days are spent drawing, calculating, and designing my own styles of art/furniture, that I hope to one day create and share with all of you.

Some times however, I find a designer, or company that has a cool and unique focus on the essence of mid-century styled designs and also appreciates plywood. When that happens, I have to bring them too you. So here we go.

Sevin Salomone with Foureyes Furniture has a style that has completely enthralled me, and I think you'll know why once you seen his furniture. Please note, that I'm only featuring his plywood designs, but he has a bunch of nice work in on his sites.  You can see more at Other pieces can also be seen at
and also, don't for get his facebook, pinterest , or tumblr acounts.

Photo Source:

Photo source:

If you're inspired by such incredible works, why not support the craftsman by purchasing a piece? His works are a sure fit for the any mid-century or retro interior. If though, you are more interested in learning how to build such pieces, here are a few books you may want to consider. 

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