28 May 2013

Not Inspired To Write, But...

I may not be inspired to write by the post I found on Mid2Mod, but I most definitely am inspired to build another piece of furniture, as soon as my bed is finished at least. As I'm sure you will again, Mid2Mod hit on the head when they said the exquisitely handcrafted desk of the past are a lost art. For the most part, I would agree with that.

Today, there are still a few designers, and furniture makers that build that ultra linear, but with a flair of personality, desk by hand. However, most of that is gone. That being said, I know for a fact, that there are still plenty of woodworkers out there than can do this work. Some of the groups on Flickr, Facebook, and forums that I've found prove that. Only thing is, you have to buddy up to these people to be able to afford their work.

So, what are my suggestions on the subject? Well, here they go.

1)go rummage sales hunting more for that perfect vintage piece 2)Learn to make furniture yourself. 3) If none of those work out, make you some new online friends based on their woodworking abilities.

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