31 May 2013

Mid-Century Books: Your Mid-Century Modern Book Store

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If you've ever thought: "It would be really nice to have a 100% MCM bookstore that I could shop at." Well, now you have it. Are you aware of it though? That's the real question. offers a large selection of books for the mid-century modern design and culture enthusiast. In fact, they have a site that's really well put together, and full of easy to use categories. Thru their categories, you can refine your search options by books on on topics such as culture, design, people, and places. If these four general categories are to broad for you, you can refine your search thru the book index they have on the site, use the search field, or use the tag registry on the left of the site.

Here you will find a well stocked library of books on architects, designers, and the places that immortalized the MCM style. Books on people such as: A. Quincy Jones, Albert Frey, Marcel Breuer, Charles and Ray Eames, Craig Ellwood, Eero Saarinen, Oscar Niemeyer, and many others are available and easy to find.

Many designers even have multiple books available thru the site, offering you the ability of view carefully view your options before purchasing. For each book you will find a well written description of the book present so you know what you are looking at. Making it easier to decide on your purchases before you make them. 

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Another important feature of Mid-Century Modern is the film selection. Here you will find films on a few of the famous designers of the Mid-century Modern Era, as well as some films on the likes of Julius Shulman and a couple other topics. 

It is important to understand that Mid-Century Modern is not, by any means, the be all end all source for mid-century books and films. Put simply, it is a simple to use, well maintained, but somewhat limited reference source/library, where one can link to books for sale. From what I noticed, it seems all the books and films are being sold thru a third party store that you are linked to for final purchase. Please don't let this deter you. This site has been well maintained and some amount of work has gone into the referencing of the information provided. So, it's still a valid site to visit.

While, there are a good number of books on the Mid-Century Modern site, as I mentioned before, it still does not cover all the books available.  If you are interested in other Mid-Century design oriented books that Mid-Century Modern is not promoting, then you may want to look at the books I have found on that my be of interest to you. Below you will find books on Blenko Glass. There are however, many other mid-century modern books that are not featured in this app.

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