30 May 2013

Fairview Series: An Edwin Wade Experience.

Here on Amidst Mod, you've had the opportunity to meet Edwin Wade,see why his digital art is just as important as screen, painted, or sculpted pieces of art,and now I'm going to focus on his Fairview Series. Let me tell you why.

If just seeing the piece here to the left wasn't enough, I'll expound on why I feel that Edwin's Fairview series is worth taking a look at.  Here a few of the reasons.

While it's definitely worth noting that Edwin Wade has been a very nice guy each time we've communicated, it's equally important to note that he is a very talented artist. In fact so much so, that I have always made sure to keep up with his work, even when I've failed to keep up with the work of other appreciated artists. He works with a number of mediums that are not easily mastered. Offering a whole gambet of styles and art that one can appreciate in your own home.

More important than even the aforementioned things though, is that the Fairview series is a purposeful series. One that comes from a more emotion inspiration. Over at Mr. Wades Etsy site, you can see the inspiration of the Fairview series when Edwin states:
"This edition print is first in a series based on a 1950's tiled office building in Fairview Park Ohio.

With America's short term memory, buildings like this jem that inspired the print are being demolished without a second glance. My goal was to preserve the artwork for future generations and generate a series of prints based on the original."

You can see from Edwin's quote that the purpose of this series is to not only fulfill the purpose of creating an art piece that someone can enjoy owning, but also to try and recapture the attention and importance of, at least some of the incredible architecture that has been overlooked and under appreciated for so many decades now. Is that happening? Is Edwin succeding in his efforts to make people more aware of these old and wonderfully inspiring buildings? Well... that all depends on you fine folks. 

If your interested in the possibility of purchasing one of Edwin Wades pieces, then I suggest that you check out one of the many outlets that he uses for the sales of his art. Currently, you can find his art at galleries such as:

Edwin also sells via his site that you can get to by using this link

Don't forget. While I've focused on Edwin's wonderful Fairview series in this post, he has equally wonderful work that I did not focus on here. So, stop by his Etsy and check it out.

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