27 May 2013

Feels Like A Sci-Fi Day

Today, I wanted it to be an easy, relaxing day. So I figured that I would talk about something light-hearted. While thinking about what topic to choose, I was working on my new Amidst mod zazzle store*. Then it struck me... "I should search "Retro Sci-fi*". So I did, and I was pretty impressed with what I found.

Now, just so you know, I'm not particularly into kitch. I don't think badly of those who are, but still, kitch just hasn't ever really been my liking. That rule, of course, is broken when it comes to Retro Sci-fi*. I LOVE Retro Sci-fi*. In fact, just about the only thing I read, other than design and furniture*/retro woodworking* books, are Retro Futuristic Sci-fi* novels. Isiac Asimov* is my favorite author. Even his joke books are really good.

Still, what has always attracted me most are graphics, and illustrations.  To that end, I thought I'd share a few cool graphics that you can purchase in different forms on* that are 100% cool retro futuristic/sci-fi. In fact, you can even find a number of vintage sci-fi movie posters and graphics from novels applied to different products.  So to give you an idea of what's available, here are few of my personal favorites.

Also, don't forget to check out my Amidst Mod Zazzle store as well.

Vintage Rocket Launch Postcard
Vintage Rocket Launch Postcard by packratgraphics
Check out Space Postcards online at zazzle
Destination Moon Poster
Destination Moon Poster by vintage_images
Search for another posters online at Zazzle
Plus, there's a ton more. Look thru this app below to see some more of what is offered for sale.
View more gifts at Zazzle.
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