01 May 2013

Practical Sculptures

Via Flickr:
New art bumps the ball clock and other pieces to a different room. Painting isbby Jan Danziger, 1970. Kinetic sculpture still a mid-century mystery and bronze piece is by Elizabeth Kohler.

If you recall, yesterday we were talking about practicle objects to have in that mid-century/retro house of yours and it double as a piece of art. Yesterday, I showed you a few cool items for the kitchen, but there are ton more of those out there. Today though, let's look at the living room.

Here you see Sandiv999's flickr stream photo.  I put her photo up because her selection of object sculture selection is amazing. She has a wonderful selection of pitchers, vases, lamps, bowls, and candle holders that really could (if she chose to) be used, but at the same time, they look wonderful on this mid-century shelving system.

With this single photo, it's very easy to see the practicle application of using vintage/retro/Mid-century objects as necesary house hold items and art. Now, once we've bought them, we have to make the decision as to weither or not we really will use them as such. That's a whole different story.

However, you need to find the items* first. So, let me help you a bit. Here are some vases* that can serve as art, and be functional.

Vintage Retro Atomic Heavy Amber Vase*

German pottery small RED ceramic vase BAY 536-11 midcentury fatlava retro kitsch*

 Jopeko Red West German Pottery Modernistic Mid 20 th Century Vintage Retro Vase*

Don't forget to check out her flickr account here. Also, you can see her interview with me here. Plus, if your looking for more Vases, Check out the links and ebay app below.

Google search- Retro Vases search - Retro Vases

Please note that each link that has an (*) at the end is an affiliate link. These links help provide income to Amidst Mod so that we can keep this blog going. 

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