17 May 2013

Architecture in the 20th Century. TASCHEN Books (TASCHEN 25 Edition)

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Architecture in the 20th Century. TASCHEN Books (TASCHEN 25 Edition)

 I find that books are not only a great deal better to look at than a computer screen. And they look good in the house. So, I'm constantly looking at new book to put on my list to buy. Well, it seems that I may just have found one. This photo (the one above), is from a book call "Architecture in the 20th Century"*, is an indication of my it's now on my list.

While this book* is not, by any means, a Mid-Century* only book*. It does seem to hold a few good examples. Also, I'm a avid fan of architecture in a wide range of facets, and books like this allow me to enjoy much of what I like about each of the architectural styles that I find interesting.

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As far as this particular book* goes, I've found that there are few aspects of it that really catch my eye. One for instance, is that this book* takes you thru a chronological order of the architecture of the 20th century. This is interesting to me, because I like to know the who's, how's, and why's of design. When you see things put together in a chronological order, as this book says it's done, you also start to notice the influence that different styles have had on one another.

Taschen also says that this book* has works from the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright* to Antoni Gaudí* to Frank O. Gehry* to Shigeru Ban*, and many more. Plus, it uses "hundreds of large-format photos as well as a plenitude of drawings and floor plans" to help you understand the progress of architecture thru the 20th century.

Besides the photos and the floor plans, there is an appendix for each of the architects represented in this book. This appendix is in biographical form. So, I'm convinced that there is much to learn from this books.

If you're interested, take a spin to the Taschen site here. There is also a sample index here for those who would like to see what else is in the book.

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