14 May 2013

It's Sold, But I'm Posting It Anyway...

Photo and sculpture by: Made By Gideon on
I know it doesn't make any since, but I don't care. For the past 3 days, I've been researching a topic that I really am enjoying. One that I hope to have posted real soon. However, everyday on my highway of research, I keep running into this AWESOME Mid-century looking sculpture. I LOVE THIS PIECE. Why? Let's see...

First, there's that awesome canterlever effect going on.
Second, it's wood
Third, I love it wen the bark is carefully cleaned and intergrated in a modern way to wood working.
Fourth, Just look at the two sculptured piece on top. Need I say more...?
Fifth and Final... That satin final coat is absolutely my favorite. I prefer satin over any other kind. It's super classy without making it look plasticy.

So, after having seen this piece a number of times, I just couldn't resist putting it up. And, there you go. By the way, did I mention, it's made of wood?

Ebay find

live edge cherry coffee table*

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