16 May 2013

George Perrou

Watch Retro Modern with George Perrou on PBS. See more from KOPB.

If I was still aspiring to be a professional mid-century styled artist, this video of George Perrou would just about be my motivational breakfast for each day. It's great! It's honest and simple, but not cheesy. Plus, it looks like a fun life.

Instead of creating and painting... I'm, well... writing. That's just the way my cookie seems to crumble. Therefore, I look at George's works a lot. His work wakes me up with a jolt of energy. Looking at one of his pieces is like having your finger plugged into a 240v socket. Still, it's as soothing as having a creamy latte. This mix is what draws me to his works. Retro/Mid-Century modern in spirit, yet bright and bold with contrasting colors and super clean sharp lines work together to make this awaking and soothing contrast.

One things for sure though, his work is definitely worth checking out. It seems that he's never going to run out of ideas. Honestly, I hope he never does. By going to his site, you can find out more about his work and see his portfolio. Plus, you can find out how to purchase his works. Another good source is

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