17 May 2013

Mid Century Modern Pottery Ceramic Collection - 2011 P9152794 copy

If wood is my favorite material for home decor and construction, Glass or Ceramics would have to be my favorite adorment for the house. Between the two, I always have an internal fight a bit about which is more favored.

I hate to say it, but I think, even as much as I love glass work, ceramic works when a couple points more in my favored list. Here's a couple brief reasons why.

-Ceramic works to me, have more natural texture than glass. Even the smoothest pieces so ceramic work has a slight orange peel texture, and that appeals to me.
-Contrast possible on the same piece. I mean, that you can glaze the top part, and leave the bottom unglazed, and that adds a completely different feel to a piece.
-Ceramic pieces tend to have a bit more asthetic weight to the art/object. Being opaque, light is not allow to aluminate the interior of a ceramic piece like it does a glass piece. Making the Ceramic piece visually feel weightier.

While there are a huge range of ceramic art objects to choose from, I'll live you with a general search for today. Later we'll get into designers and kinds available.

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